Friday, October 14, 2016

Gait Training

This physical therapy method can help patients to improve their ability to walk. A Brooklyn New York chiropractor such as Dr. Evan Sorkin may recommend gait training to those that are recovering from an illness or injury. Gait Training can help improve balance and posture, build endurance, develop muscle memory, strengthen muscles and joints, retrain legs and lower one’s risk of falling.

More About Gait Training
A physical therapist may recommend this treatment method to those with broken legs or pelvis, spinal cord injuries, joint injuries, strokes, lower limb amputations or muscular dystrophy. Gait training will generally be started as soon as possible to get a patient moving. Once one is healthy enough to start, they will use a variety of machines in order to walk safely. The therapist itself may also assist patients during these exercises by supporting the body weight, provide stability or offer other helpful assistance.

Gait training usually involves walking on a treadmill as well as other muscle strengthening exercises. Patients may wear a harness until they are more stable. The type, duration, and intensity of one’s gait training sessions will depend on their particular diagnosis and abilities. Ultimately gait training can be difficult to those that have been immobile for a long period of time. It’s important that patients communicate any challenges they are having so they can be incorporated into their training sessions.

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